• Trusted leader and visionary with interest and knowledge in a wide range of technology disciplines.
    • Skilled and interested in virtually all aspects of information technology, from strategic planning and large-scale system development/deployment to low-level problem-solving and support.
    • Comfortable communicating with all levels of personnel within an organization. Capable of planning, presenting and explaining complex technologies to any audience.
    • Results-oriented individual, recognized for budgeting precision and vigilance over revenue, expense and efficiency impact of technological strategies and decisions.
    • Diplomat and skilled negotiator capable of identifying, building and fostering internal and external strategic or tactical relationships.
    • Notable ability to inspire and rally diverse groups to focus on common project or issue.
    • Regarded for rational and innovative solutions to complex situations or opportunities.
    • Detail-oriented individual who simply enjoys working with people and technology. Particularly rewarded by helping people through complex technological decisions and strategies.